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Ages 13-17 Learn How To Read For The Very First Time!!!

Teach Haiti Children to Read is  a Non Profit  Organization. Main Office is   located in West Palm Beach. Our faculty is dedicated to guiding our students as they grow and develop, putting them on a successful path for life. We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse student body, taking into account the many ways in which students learn.We teach students ages 10 and up . Education is hard for countries like haiti to learn at such a late age but we have made special efforts to teach even  those  who thought they could never read.


Faculty at Teach Haiti Children to  Read are leaders in the community who share a passion for teaching and creating a supportive learning environment that is challenging, collaborative and engaging. Our modern classrooms make it possible to explore the world around us in a safe, encouraging environment. We offer a wide range of diverse courses that are very applicable in today's rapidly changing world.

In addition to formal instruction, Teach Haiti  Children to Read  Read offers its students a wide range of after-school activities to choose from. These voluntary extracurricular activities allow students to delve deeper into their personal interests, while applying classroom content practically. In doing so, they build confidence and maturity.


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